Ontstressen met kunstzinnige oefeningen ( De cursus is Engels gesproken )

Wil je ervaren wat kunstzinnige therapie kan doen tegen stress? Dan is dit een mooie kans!

Ontstressen met kunstzinnige oefeningen ( De cursus is Engels gesproken )

In this course you will learn about the effect of stress, what the consequences are and how to prevent those.

The course contains 3 art therapy exercises, a meditation, bodyscan and a simple, but very effective, sitting exercise.

I've also made 3 writing exercises to help you with getting aware of your stress, what makes you relaxed and to keep score of what the experience per creative exercise was, so you can do those exercises that worked for you again if you need them.

Try them all in your own pace and see what works for you.

Voor wie is deze cursus bedoeld:

- People who suffer from stress

- People who want to learn about stress

The course is spoken in English with English subtitles.

de-stressing with creative exercises

Geplaatst op woensdag 25 november 2020.

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